A Pool Cooling Solution As Simple
As A Car Shade

Proven Heat
Blocking Technology

Aluminum Is The Ultimate Heat Blocker. It Blocks The Sun's Heat From Your Pool.
 Prevents Heat From Warming Your Pool
Double sided radiant barrier foil blocks 97% of the Sun's radiant heat.
 Save Money On Chemicals
By blocking the sun you are preventing it from burning off your chemicals and slow down algae growth.

Made By Pool Owners
For Pool Owners

This Isn't Another Cheap Pool Product. We Wanted Something That Would Last.
Only Need A Few
At over 4 feet wide each you don't need many to cover most of your pool
Made of high quality UV resistant vinyl that lasts multiple seasons.
Not Another Cheap Valve
It's a snap to inflate and deflate.
Stay In The Pool
The weight and flat center make them "stick" to the water.
​​Easy Storage
Just deflate and fold up.

Everyone Deserves A Cooler Pool,
Don't You?

No One Likes Complicated

Lily Chiller Pads™ Are Simple To Use. 
In Three Steps You Are Cooling Your Pool.


Unfold and lay in the sun.
They need to soften.


Blow up the outer ring. 
Only takes a few breaths.


Throw them in your pool.
You're Cooling You Pool!

So Easy A Kid 
Can Do It!

Do They Work? You Bet And Here's Data

Real Data From Dark Bottom Full Sun Pool

                15 Pads Added On Day 1

Pools Are Supposed To Be Refreshing
Now It's Simple

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